Made to order reworked vintage shirt

Made to order reworked vintage shirt

2nd RELEASE JUNE 5TH 2021 ✌🏾

Made to  order painter blouse made out old vintage dinner shirts.

The fantastic embroidery work is from Katie

Her work is fun, inclusive, sustainable and unique and for this reason we bring you this collaboration on a made to order basis. So no matter your size, if you want it, you can have it.


The LOVE collar💜. A  purple Ric rac runs through the edges of this Peter Pan Collar. Embroidered on the left is the sign language for "I love you" and on the right hand size there are  the two hands in a heart shape.

The GOOD VIBES collar. surrendered by a yellow Ric Rac ribbon the peace & thumbs up signs had been embroidered. This collar wishes happy day to everyone without words, and that’s wonderful. 

The LUCKY COLLAR. Both symbols mean luck. And the pink Ric rac ribbon just ties it all up. 

How to order?

1) Choose your collar.

2) Tell us your chest, waist, hips measurements and your desired length for your blouse on the notes. We would be in touch over email anyways.

3)Wait 2-3 weeks for the arrival of your top. We will contact you if we need more information from you.

Please note these are made on a Made to order basis. No size is too big or too small for us to fit you in but if you have any doubts please contact us before purchasing.